There is the time of a day when all streets in Paris begin to shine. Against the background of the darkening sky there is a characteristic figure of Arc de Triomphe, at the Seine river grows illuminated towers of Notre-Dame, and for the night life in the city looks down the Eiffel Tower.
Walk at sunset turns into a balet and a play of lights and shadows. Glossy shopping exhibitions, focus the reflections of the lanterns, cafes, night clubs and bistros filled with people. I pass on the sidewalk merchants selling souvenirs and multi-colored canvas of Parisian painters.
Inspired by the magic of Parisian culture on one of those streets was born the idea of Ma Chérie./The magic of Parisian culture gave born to the idea of Ma Cherie.
I look around and I see a typical Parisian lady with red lips, black dress, tights and the delicate chic bracelets on her wrists. As in the old movie or a postcard from Paris. Rich colors create a pleasing (for an eye) composition. There’s elegance, chic and the endearing sweetness. There is Ma Chérie and the whole magic of Paris evening.

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